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OTS white band fashion day date alarm dual time filmwatch-AK03

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OTS white band fashion dual time watch TS10094

Watch Model:TS10094

Site Ranking: 193 in watches

Brand Ranking: 26 in OTS watches

RRP: $20.30 (71.92%off)
Price: $5.70


OTS OTS white band fashion dual time watch TS10094 Watch Specifications

Goods Nameplate:
Retail Price:
$20.30 (71.92%off)
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0.03 (Kg)
Thickness of case:
Width Of Band:
Fashion Sport,Electronic Sport
electronic & Quartz

1. Accuracy at normal temperature: 30 seconds a month
2. Timekeeping mode: Analog: Hour minute Digital: Hour minutes seconds pm Time system: Switchable between 12-hour and 24-hour formats
3. Date Mode: Month date day of week Calendar system: Auto-calendar set at 28 days for February
4. Alarm mode: Daily alarm hourly time signal
5. Stopwatch mode: Measuring unit: 1/100 of second Measuring capacity: 29MINUTE: 59SECOND99 6. Dual Time Mode
7. Normal opearting temperature range: 0`C~40`C
8. Battery type: LR41 Approximately 1.5 years on type L736 (assuming alarm operation 20 sec/day)

(A=MODE B=ADJUST START/STOP C=SET HANDS) How to set normal time 1. While in the NORMAL TIME MODE press B button over 2 second the seconds digit start to fiash on the display because it is selected 2. Press B button to change the selection of setting. (1) Press A button to advance the selection. Holding down A button change the high speed. (2) When the 12-hour format is selected the indicator"&decdecdecPM"&decdecdecto indicate "&decdecdecp.m."&decdecdectimes. There is no indicator for "&decdecdeca.m."&decdecdectimes. (3) While the seconds digits are selected(flashing) press A button to reset the second to 00 How to set alarm time 1. When the alarm is on the alarm (bi-bi) sounds for 20 seconds at the preset time. Press any button to stop the alarm after it starts sound. 2. From the NORMALTIME MODE press A button two times into ALARM MODE. 3. While in the ALARM MODE press B button over 2 second to begin setting procedure the hour digits begin flashing. How to set second zone time 1. From NORMAL TIME MODE press B button 3 times into SECONDS TIME ZONE. 2. In SECONDS TIME ZONE press B button over 2 second to begin setting procedure. Hour dihits begin flashing. 3. To adjust hour digits press A button (+1 hour). 4. Press B button once to set the minute digits. How to use the chronograph 1. The Stopwatch Mode measures elapsed time and cumulative elapsed time. 2. Press B button to start the stopwatch. Press B button to stop the stopwatch. 3. Press B button again to resume timing from the time shown on the display. 4. Hold down B button until the stopwatch is cleared to "&decdecdec0:00:00"&decdecdec. How to set the analog time 1. While in any mode press C button to advance the analog time setting. 2. Hold down C button advances the analog setting at hight speed.

The OTS Story: OTS is a professional watch company, was born in 1854, and, like a Swiss watch, has a long history. In the 150 years of the development process, OTS will be integrated into traditional watch making technology innovation, product research and development breakthroughs continue to develop a variety of proprietary products to meet consumer needs, keep pace with the times. OTS analogue digital sport watch, good quality with high meter water resistant, more and more popular around the world.
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